Although a lot of businesses claim to be GREEN these days, the way that they demonstrate their environmental commitment is questionable. Our goal is to truly conduct our business in an earth-friendly type of way. We constantly enforce measures to minimize the impact on our environment through our day-to-day operations, and throughout our supply chain right down to eco-friendly manufacturing.

CNC Graphic’s environmental responsibility is reflected in the way we conduct our business. We are constantly finding new ways, materials and processes to create environmentally-clean signs.

We take an active role at the corporate level to push eco-friendly ways. Some examples of your commitment include:

  • Use of LED signs which are 90% more efficient than neon-lit signage
  • Use of laser printed paper graphic inserts in interior type signs so that the client can use recycled paper to update their own signage in-house
  • Use of durable-type materials that do not deteriorate as quickly
  • Elimination of printed marketing and sales materials to prevent over-printing and needless paper waste
  • Use of electronic marketing along with electronic distribution of communication
  • Active, company-wide recycling program for aluminum, steel, paper, plastics, and glass

The company we are building has a national scope. However, our strategy is centralized management and fabrication in our hometown of Bensenville, IL. As a full-service manufacturer and installer in the Chicagoland area, we source all of our materials and labor locally. We provide value-added labor in Chicago. This allows us to grow our workforce and fuel economical demand.

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